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User Info: Iyamtebist

5 months ago#11
I used to do so immediately after finishing them, but over time, it became difficult for me to get them out that fast. Now I tend to write reviews in the order I completed games, which could result in taking a few weeks to a month to get to writing a review.

User Info: EmPleh

5 months ago#12
Sometimes directly after finishing them if I know exactly what I want to talk about. Mostly a few days later after I've had time to mull it over a bit. Sometimes, significantly longer that that, because I am a master of procrastination.
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User Info: Unori

2 months ago#13
Personally? Whenever I feel like it. Writing reviews is a hobby for me. Partially because I love to write and I'm a very talkative person. Partially because I have personal issues that I don't want to divulge into here, and it helps me cope with that and feel valid.

There are issues with this method, of course. A problem I've had for a long time is that I tend to jump to conclusions too quickly. As much as I tend to overthink, sometimes it's easier to cut the thought process short. That doesn't mean it's good, of course. I'm sure you can see this in plenty of my earlier reviews and, in some form, in some of my newer stuff. I'm aware that this is a problem with me, and I'm trying to dial it back.
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User Info: Nigellus

2 weeks ago#14
This game Icarus Survival looks absolutely amazing and I'm so looking forward to seeing more of this game and how it develops! Really I would be happy if someone writes a review.

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User Info: ImperialScrolls

2 weeks ago#15
Didn't know there were spambots on GameFAQs.......

User Info: MTincher

2 weeks ago#16
I wonder how this topic was selected...
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User Info: ImperialScrolls

2 weeks ago#17
Maybe because the handsomest and most popular user on the site started the thread.

User Info: Rin-Coconut

2 weeks ago#18
Hey, have you guys played Raid Shadow Legends?

User Info: StephenYap3

2 weeks ago#19
RJHarrison posted...
Usually as soon as I can after beating a game

Besides that, reviewing a game all depends on my motivation.
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Also, playing Jump Force on Switch...
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