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User Info: coltonmray94

10 months ago#1
Hi everyone.

I write reviews for Sega-16 and wanted to post a few of them here as well, but I can't figure out how to submit a critic review. I remember I was able to do it several months ago, but apparently none of them were posted after all. Anyone know how to do this?

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

10 months ago#2
For whatever reason the option was removed. @SBAllen would probably know more about that; my assumption is that very few were coming in but it's only a guess.
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User Info: 16-BITTER

10 months ago#3
I think the site has to qualify with certain characteristics before it's acceptable as a source for critic reviews.
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User Info: SBAllen

10 months ago#4
The critic review stuff has been moved back to GameRankings where it originated (and which powers the critic reviews on our site). If you want to be included, you can contact the folks over there at gamerankings(at)cbsinteractive.com.
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