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User Info: VinnyVideo

4 months ago#1
Have you noticed any changes to your audience over the past four months or so? Have certain guides been more popular or less popular than usual?

I noticed a spike in activity a few months ago, when many places went into full lockdown mode. I suspect that people had a lot more free time on their hands and spent it playing video games! Hits seem to be back down to normal levels now.

I think I've also been getting a slightly better upvote-to-downvote ratio.
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User Info: ZeoKnight

4 months ago#2
Yes. I think it was around March and April when my guides got more noticeable views than usual. But my upvote/downvote ratio is more or less the same as before.
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User Info: dark52

4 months ago#3
Yeah, there was a spike in my weekly totals around April but it's returned to normal now.

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User Info: SBAllen

4 months ago#4
For insight, April was one of our busiest months in quite a long time, though most of that was driven by the triple threat of Animal Crossing, Persona 5 Royal, and FF7 Remake.

Edit: And the pandemic, of course!
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User Info: TestaALT

4 months ago#5
Lots of FF7, Xenoblade, and God of War hits.

User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
4 months ago#6
It's a great time for a bunch of great games to come out at least, heh.

Now if a new console dropped smack in the middle of this pandemic/stay at home time...
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User Info: SubSane

3 months ago#7
I don't reckon you all could share clickthrough info on guides? Mainly where folks are coming from. That might make the spikes more interesting, seeing where everyone's coming from.

I often see a particular guide gain traction but it'll be a game that is quite old or not really active in the news.
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