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User Info: odino

5 months ago#1
So the last couple of days I've been struggling to get one of my guides back up because it was marked as "wrong game". Obviously it's wrong and I posted proof but it made me think that I only saw this in-between all the other notifications and I wish, especially as a I long-term contributor, that there would be a better way to notify us for this because I think a guide removal is kinda a big thing and it's not like an incorrect game cover was removed or something less important.

Now why I wasn't given the benefit of the doubt and someone checked into the report properly rather than it just being removed is another matter :/ Communication!?

User Info: _0blivion_

5 months ago#2
Bunch of my stuff was removed, I got alerts but no idea what was removed because they're no longer accessible after x days. Years ago, you never even got alerts for removed contributions! One of those things that has always been broken imo.
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User Info: Definitelyhuman

1 month ago#3
Anyone going to help @odino out or has the matter been solved? ._.
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User Info: odino

4 weeks ago#4
I resubmitted twice and it was finally accepted in good faith. One would think I know which game I'm submitting a guide for rather than some rando who reported it as wrong.
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