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User Info: Warhawk

4 months ago#21
I admit that there's been a few that go with the downvote can point out something that may have been overlooked when I wrote it. Although on the other hand when someone downvotes then leaving a comment just saying "everything" and partly why I'm glad I can't respond cause I'd be giving a smart remark in return.
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User Info: Krystal109

4 months ago#22
threetimes posted...
Maybe the question could be more direct: did you find what you need? I had a downvote on a FAQ recently where the person identifed what they were looking for and didn't find. In fact it was there, just an issue about location. But that was really helpful to know. I needed to highlight that thing more clearly.

It's always nice when people leave actual feedback.

User Info: Uta

3 months ago#23
I've only got two, and one was way more popular than the other.

Octopath Traveler: 77% (800 Votes)

I feel that's more than deserved, I put a lot of time into the guide but didn't finish the side content. When it was first released it was maintaining 90% for quite a while, but clearly as more information persists elsewhere the comparative quality has slipped.

Now that the Steam Version is out I plan on releasing an update to address that issue, but I'm not expecting a serious upswing in votes this late in the game. Most of the downvotes have been things like "Not all side quests. Too many sections labeled 'coming soon'. etc" so I feel I owe this much.
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