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User Info: SBAllen

4 months ago#1
Howdy all. Just a quick heads up, since the Red Dead Redemption 2 bounty is now open for locking, I just wanted to let everyone who was interested know that we're going to probably wait about a week before we give the lock to someone to ensure that everyone who is interested has a chance to apply. We can tell this one's going to garner a lot of interest (and already has gotten several requests!) so we don't want to pick too quickly.

This is probably the single most important proof of concept game for these much higher bounties, so we want to provide the best guide possible to show the brass that all of this invested money is worth it, so please don't apply unless you're able to give it your all to produce an amazing guide!
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User Info: Warhawk

4 months ago#2
Don't think I could attempt one for RDR2 or even when KH3 is released in January. Too much to try covering for my tastes and that whoever does them would do them more justice than I could ever imagine.
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User Info: TestaALT

4 months ago#3
It will be exciting to see the guide!
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