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User Info: DeepFriedBurger

7 months ago#1
In certain guides that are composed offline I have noticed that you will see a line full of text, followed by a line with 1 word, followed by a line of full text.

Go to the right side of the screen and then
jump to reach the ledge.

What and why is this? I'm planning on writing a guide but I need to know if these odd one word lines are neccasary. It doesn't say anything about it in the HowTo section.

User Info: DeepFriedBurger

7 months ago#2
Oops. My example failed. Look at WWalker's Sonic Blast guide to see what I'm talking about.

User Info: SBAllen

7 months ago#3
Don't see it in that particular example but in most cases it's because the author of a text guide didn't adhere to the 80 characters per line requirement for text guides and thus required us to go back and reformat the guide to meet the requirement, causing 81+ character lines to be wrapped to a second line.
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