Was there ever consideration about review copies for Bounty Lockers?

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  3. Was there ever consideration about review copies for Bounty Lockers?

User Info: CyricZ

5 months ago#1
Now, before I start, I realize we're pretty low on the totem pole in the gaming market, so this could be asking a lot, but it's more me just putting my thoughts down on paper and seeing what shakes out of it.

I was sitting working on what little I could for Yakuza 6 before the game's release (easier with the demo existing) and I was just wondering: was there any consideration at the corporate level for the site to swing to get review copies of new games to people who lock bounties? I realize authors would have to sign NDAs and we'd be subject to considerably more red tape, but then I think of other strategy guides.

Strategy guide writers have composed their work on early builds of the game so they could publish by the time of the game's release. They've been doing it for decades, really.

In the older days of strict volunteer work and the old style of "first come first serve" for claiming bounties, such a system wouldn't make sense, but now that we're getting into a more structured system with known authors getting involved, I wonder if anyone pitched that idea?

There'd probably be complicated contracts involved and the writer would probably have to compensate if they couldn't deliver.

Still, there's probably value to the idea of having a more complete guide at the time of a game's release. Only question is how much, really.

User Info: Krystal109

5 months ago#2
I think the issue here is that sites like Prima are established and may even pay developers for being the "official" guide. Additionally, there is the issue of people losing locks or backing out of locks, which you can't do if you work as an employee at a company like Prima.

It's a nice idea, but I don't see it happening.

User Info: JoniPhilips

5 months ago#3
I assume the amount of GameFAQs writers that have the debug consoles required to play those early copies is too low for this initiative to achieve any advantage.

User Info: SBAllen

5 months ago#4
The odds of this happening are slim to none.
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User Info: Arkia

5 months ago#5
While some sites might offer this, I doubt it will happen here. Locks aren't a contract, technically. You could still back out. While debug consoles aren't necessarily needed for review copies (since they'd be different from early build copies), this still isn't something that we can expect from gfaqs.
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User Info: CyricZ

5 months ago#6
I figured as much. But you never ask, you never know.
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  3. Was there ever consideration about review copies for Bounty Lockers?

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