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11 months ago#112
Uta posted...
Krystal109 posted...
ZeoKnight posted...
Another reason why the guide should be held in incomplete state.

How about Bonus Bounties? Does it work for the updated version of completed FAQ?

Well, yea. Of course a guide is only considered once for FotM, in the month you submitted it, not every month thereafter. This doesn't mean a guide can't be marked complete on March 1st and then improved for the rest of March.

The question was, would a significant update to an existing guide re-qualify it. The main reason I marked my Guide as complete was to try and claim the Bounty, but it was awarded to Heropon instead, so I figured I could take my time, perfect the guide, and hopefully get FotM for no other reason than the 'prestige' of it, but it seems that's not possible either.

Ah. Nope. You can only submit it for FotM once, in the month that you mark it as complete. This means you need to consider whether or not your guide is going to be good enough to win FotM before you mark it complete.

This is all pretty irrelevant though, under the new system.
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