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User Info: SBAllen

10 months ago#1
Howdy all. Today I want to give you all a preview of the upcoming changes to the FAQ Bounty and the FAQ/Review of the Month programs. These changes won’t roll out right away as we need time to prepare for them internally. We won’t be adding any new Bounties until this system goes live, and current Bounties will still be claimable after we go live with the new system.

Starting off with Bounties, we have several bountylicious changes planned for how these will work and for how much compensation we’ll be offering.

Bounty Payout Changes
We will increase the payout rates for Bounties. Currently, payouts are in the $50-$350 range, though some games had multiple Bounty components that increased their total value. Moving forward, Bounties will be in the $200-$3000 range and will no longer be divided up into multiple bounties for the same game.

Bounty Permission Changes
Because we are increasing the payouts so dramatically, we will be putting basic ads on the guide. You can see what this will look like here:


This helps us to be able to offer up the extra money to you. For guides with a Bounty larger than $500, we’ll be asking for exclusive ownership of the content, meaning that you cannot host the same guide on other guide hosting sites. Also, as we are purchasing an exclusive license to your guide, we reserve the right to use portions of your guide on other parts of the site, with full credit to you and a link back to your guide. For example, creating/answering questions on GameFAQs Answers. This will be handled by us and require no extra work on your part.

Bounty Locks
Another big change is that we will now allow authors to “lock” a Bounty, ensuring that no one else can claim the Bounty. Authors can apply for a lock for any Bounty offered up on the site, and locks will be granted at the discretion of GameFAQs administration. An author cannot have any overlapping locks (trying to lock two games that come out within a month of each other) but can lock multiple non-overlapping Bounties at once. When applying for a lock, the author will be able to give us a short pitch explaining why they should get the lock, e.g. because they are experienced contributors, are amazing writers, or how they would ensure that they complete the guide in a timely manner.

Now, in order to maintain a lock, the author will be required to actively work on the guide until it is complete. This includes submitting an initial draft within the first three days of the game’s release as well as updates every few days to progress the guide along. The guide should be able to get the reader through the entire storyline within two weeks and be fully comprehensive within a month. These are general time guidelines and might change depending on the game’s complexity. Failure to comply with these guidelines forfeits the lock and allows other authors to apply for the Bounty.

New: Bonus Bounties
Finally, we will offer “Bonus Bounties”. A Bonus Bounty can be given at the discretion of GameFAQs administration to ANY submitted guide we feel really excels once it reaches Complete status, if that doesn’t already have a bounty for it. These Bonus Bounties will be anywhere from $50 to $200 and can be earned by anyone.

New: Contributor of the Month
In addition, we are adding a brand new contest which is a kind of spiritual successor to FAQ/Review of the Month called “Contributor of the Month”. Each month, we will choose three contributors of ANY type of content aside from FAQs (Cheats, Reviews, Data, Answers, etc) that we believe had a large impact on the site. These winners will be given $100 gift cards. We want to encourage any and all submissions, and this is a way that anyone can win a contest without having to be expert guide or review writer.

FAQ/Review of the Month Changes
To help facilitate both Bonus Bounties and Contributor of the Month, we are going to make a change to both FAQ and Review of the Month. These titles will still be awarded, but they will no longer offer any monetary compensation. They will also no longer require you to enter to be eligible as we will evaluate every submitted FAQ and Review for the given month. We believe that the monetary aspect of F/RotM is no longer serving the purpose of driving in new contributors like it used to and is more of a badge of honor and respect while Bonus Bounties and Contributor of the Month can be an incentive to a new author who can make money just for writing a guide (or submitting anything!) for whatever they are passionate about.

* Bounties are increasing from $50-$350 to $200-$3000.
* Bounty guides will have ads run on them to help facilitate the pay increase.
* Bounties over $500 will give GameFAQs exclusive ownership rights to the guide.
* For exclusive guides, we reserve the right to use content from the guide on other parts of the site.
* Bounties can now be locked to prevent sniping as long as the author actively works on the guide.
* Bonus Bounties in the $50-$200 range will be given out at our discretion to non-Bounty guides.
* Contributor of the Month is being added to recognize non-FAQ contributors.
* FAQ/Review of the Month will still be chosen but no longer come with gift card prizes.
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User Info: Eevee-Trainer

10 months ago#2
SBAllen posted...
Bounties will be in the $200-$3000 range

See me on Discord! ^.^
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User Info: SPop6

10 months ago#3
Am I reading the $3,000 range correctly?

User Info: StarFighters76

10 months ago#4
Wow, $3,000?!

I know it sounds whiny, but I wish there was some hope for mappers in all of this. I know it would be impossible, but it would be nice.
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User Info: CyricZ

10 months ago#5
Basic ads being those at the top and bottom of the screen and not in the middle? Reasonable.

Gonna be interesting to see how Bounty Lock plays out.

And as someone who has certainly won FOTM a few times... I totally get it. Most of the time it's the usuals getting another little fluff of cash.

User Info: SBAllen

10 months ago#6
SPop6 posted...
Am I reading the $3,000 range correctly?

"Um, let's face it, you'd be better off staying at the Hilton."
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User Info: Krystal109

10 months ago#7
The only issue I see with this is exclusivity rights and the lack of any reward for FotM and RotM.

User Info: Spanettone

10 months ago#8

you weren't able to evaluate seriously the only FAQs that entered in a FOTM and now you have to evaluate every FAQ for that month?

it seems legit...

User Info: ZeoKnight

10 months ago#9
From what I've read here, FOTM guides don't get any reward anymore. However, Bonus Bounties will be awarded if it's a high quality guide. I just think GameFAQs wants to give less reward for plaintext FOTM ($50) and increase the reward for FFAQ ($100 - $200), depending on how great the guide is.

Since we don't need to submit FOTM anymore, how do we receive Bonus Bounties' reward without knowing our email? Directly through PM?

I believe we will (very) rarely see $3000 bounties, as it will only be issued for a special - highly demanding - newly-released - popular game.
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User Info: Frankie_Spankie

10 months ago#10
Well it certainly makes sense to try to bring in new writers but I feel like going with rewards for contributor of the month will lead to people holding off on contributing things for months to pile it all in one month to try to win that.

Two questions in regards to the new bounty system though:

1 - Are there going to be more games included or is it same amount of games with just higher rewards?

2 - I know you recently threw some retro games on the bounty list and they've since gone away. Is there any interest in throwing 16-bit games or other classic games back on the bounty list? I was actually interested in trying to take a couple when they came back but I was so busy with other things I never got a chance to.
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