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User Info: Warhawk

1 month ago#221
FAQ Progress
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Mostly done as I need to add in this one section then add the final touches to it.

Game Progress
Nintendo Switch
Picked up a Nintendo Switch earlier this week.

Toki (NS)
Got the game as it was one I remember playing back in the day on the arcade. Already had a chance to beat it.

Resident Evil 2 (PS4)
Downloaded the demo of it as I'm not sure how far I could've gone in it. The downfall was the half-hour time limit as I probably would've but ran out of time.
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User Info: Palen92

4 weeks ago#222
FP: Probably going to halt my progress, since I'm glued to my current project and it's depriving me of doing my homework -_-

GP: SoulCalibur VI. Managed to unlock Inferno (boy, he's OP as hell), but luckily this game still has a lot of story to do, and maybe I'll try my hand at Arcade as well because old times.

LP: Everything is malfunctioning for no reason, so... An average Monday

User Info: spooky96

4 weeks ago#223
FP: Just created an interactive map for Pokemon Let's Go to see how it turns out. If everything's fine maybe I'll create maps for other games too such as BotW (Seems like a massive task as of now).

GP: It's been months and I'm still playing this MOBA game on my phone. Planning to get back my PS4 and start Read Dead Redemption 2.

LP: Procrastination of submissions Zzzz...
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User Info: Bkstunt_31

4 weeks ago#224
Well, I'm back baby! *Finger Guns*

FP: Can't help myself... played the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo and it calls to me...

GP: Bowser's Inside Story

LP: Still alive...
The Blitz Knight rides again!
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User Info: Shotgunnova

3 weeks ago#225
FP: Deponia Doomsday
GP: ^^
LP: Nuthin'
NP: Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

Another year, another Overwatch event to disrupt all my FAQing. 😐
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User Info: StarFighters76

2 weeks ago#226
FP: Working on Dark Lord for the NES now. Got some stuff to turn in though lol.
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FP: Now working on Moldorian for the Gamegear.
1,000 maps goal achieved on 04/12/2010!
2,000 maps goal achieved on 04/15/2016!

User Info: Warhawk

1 week ago#228
FAQ Progress
Wrote up and finish a guide for Toki (NS) and recently submitted it.

toki.txt successfully uploaded, 43919 bytes

Formatted FAQ - Editor
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User Info: Palen92

1 week ago#229
FP: Nuthin'. I've placed it on hold while I deal with real life, probably not going back at it until March-April.

GP: Mario Kart Double Dash. I've been attempting to get a perfect score in all cups and all difficulties. I'm having trouble in the last one, getting a clean 16 wins out of 16 races can get pretty tedious.

LP: Doing lots of homework to finish my ongoing course. If I get everything done this month, then I'll finally be free to rest a bit and start finding job opportunities.

I'm running a bit low on motivation to clear said homework, but I know how to somehow regain it. I need to manage a bit better my time as well, and that's a tougher step.
Taking a little break and researching for more games.
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