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User Info: Shotgunnova

2 years ago#1
Welcome to the Ongoing FAQ Progress topic!

What do the abbreviations in the FAQ Progress topic mean?
FP = FAQ Progress
GP = Game Progress
LP = Life Progress (Yes, even if it's not 'progress')
MP = Music Progress (or Movie Progress)
BP = Book Progress
CP = Charity Project or Completion Project
NP = Now Playing (i.e. whatever you're listening to)


FP: Broken Sword 4
GP: Persona 5
LP: Nuthin'
NP: Faith No More - Stripsearch

Oh dear, the last one purged. 😒
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User Info: CyricZ

2 years ago#2
FP - Actually just finished my LEGO Marvel 2 guide. Big damn game, that.


Wow, actually my biggest LEGO guide. And I glossed over stuff like the multiplayer.

User Info: Frankie_Spankie

2 years ago#3
FP - I've been writing a lot of questions down for Jeopardy Sports Edition [SNES] while listening to podcasts or having Raw or Smackdown on in the background. It's just been something I've been doing while I'm half watching something else or just listening to something. I would say I probably have about a third of the questions done so far. I haven't touched my Xardion [SNES] guide since I wrote the first level. I'll go back to it soon enough but haven't been in the mood to just focus on writing. Jeopardy is nice because I'm literally just typing what I read while I listen to something else.

GP - Metal Gear Solid 5, I don't know why I waited so long to play this, especially since I bought it in the first month of its release. I'm having an absolute blast. I'm on about mission 23 I think and did almost all the side ops so far. Absolutely loving it.

LP - The next few weeks are going to be rather stressful for me despite the fact that I'm on vacation next week. Year end inventory is coming up. There are other crazy times of year for us at work but I think I would take any of them over year end inventory. There's just so much mind numbing work to be done in such a small period of time.
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User Info: StarFighters76

2 years ago#4
Bump lol
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User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
2 years ago#5
GP: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (NS) is consuming much of my free time. 80+ hours logged so far and probably barely halfway through the story. Awesome game though.
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User Info: stahlbaum

2 years ago#6

75 hours in and I just got to a new area that makes me think this will at least be 130 hour game.

User Info: Krystal109

2 years ago#7
stahlbaum posted...

75 hours in and I just got to a new area that makes me think this will at least be 130 hour game.


User Info: Frankie_Spankie

2 years ago#8
FP - Finished up Jeopardy Sports Edition [SNES], I was in the zone the past week writing it and just kept going without many breaks. I'll have to pick up Xardion [SNES] again. I still only finished the first left of that.

GP - More MGSV and started play OrbusVR, the first MMO in VR. It's actually really fun and everyone you run into is super nice in the game.

LP - Enjoying my vacation!
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User Info: CyricZ

2 years ago#9
Y'know that feeling you get when your game has DLC and you're like "maybe it's out today" and BAM it's out today?


Guardians Vol. 2 level in LEGO Marvel 2, and it is SHORT AS f***. Boy am I glad it only cost three bucks. It's basically the opening scene from the movie in playable LEGO form where they fight the tentacle beast. Upside is you can control Baby Groot just dancing around. Downside is the thing is bugged out and the music didn't play. I just danced in awkward silence for a few minutes.

User Info: VinnyVideo

2 years ago#10
FP: It's about time I updated my Pokemon Go guide, now that they've released the third-gen Pokemon. I've definitely been procrastinating on this project!

GP: Still playing FE Heroes some - it's held my attention far longer than I thought it would. I should stop neglecting the Final Fantasy VII that a friend got me on Steam last year - I've only started Disc Two.

LP: Now that I've finished grad school, I'm looking for a full-time gig. I've had a part-time job to tide me over, but it doesn't exactly pay a lot of money. It's been difficult to wriggle out of the "can't get a job without experience and can't get experience without a job" conundrum, but I think I finally have a cool opportunity lined up.

Also, going through lots of old books and stuff.
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