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User Info: ElChino223

6 months ago#1
I am curious who has the oldest active gamefaqs account. Does anybody have an account from 1995 and still post???

User Info: vinheim

6 months ago#2
Could it be CJ's?! Is his account still open/activated?
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User Info: Mookiethebold

6 months ago#3
This is the kind of thing you should be posting on a social board, not here. But anyways...

CJayC's account was closed about 10 years ago, after he retired. Shinnokxz is currently the oldest active account: https://www.gamefaqs.com/community/Shinnokxz/bio

You won't find any accounts with a creation date prior to Nov 1999, even though the site was around before that. When the boards were created everyone had to make a new account for the boards. I wasn't here back in the late 90's though, but from what I've read over the years that's more or less the case. If I'm wrong maybe Devin or someone else from back then can pop in and correct me.
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User Info: MasterVG782

6 months ago#4
It has definitely been a long ride here on GFs...
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User Info: Karpah

6 months ago#5
Now I feel old...
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User Info: SBAllen

5 months ago#6
The oldest non-testing non-CJayC accounts are from Nov 8th, 1999.

Speaking of Nov 8th, 1999 sign up folks.. https://www.gamefaqs.com/community/SBAllen/boards
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