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Welcome to Part 3 of the re-opened GameBoy FAQ Completion Project! This project aims to have a complete guide written for every GameBoy game that's listed in the GameFAQs database.

After its resumption in October 2010 there's been a steady stream of FAQs coming in. This has slowed down in the past year but we're still trucking through the games leftover, especially thanks to a recent surge in activity! :D

(Sorry that I don't have specific stats: as is normal, I'm at home for Christmas break so the lack of Internet is a bit crippling.)

Here’s the link to the site of the Completion Project, currently maintained by RedIsPoetic:


Thanks to Darkstar Ripclaw for the following link which provides manuals for a number of GameBoy games:


Here's some links ReyVGM has provided to help out anyone willing to tackle Wizardry Gaiden II and III.


Also, here's a list of all known games with at least partial English translations:

- Daisenryaku
- GameBoy Wars Turbo
- Meitantei Conan
- Momotarou Dangeki
- Nectaris GB
- Oni IV
- Super Bikkuriman
- Super Robot Taisen
- Taiyou no Tenshi Maro: O Hanabatake wa Dai-Panic [listed under a similar name]
- Ultraman Ball
- Ultraman Chou Toushi Gekiden
- Wizardry Gaiden II
- Wizardry Gaiden III
- Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh

Finally, I'll also note that Chibi Chibi Tengoku has a French translation from what I've seen, though it's necessity is minimal from what I've seen in the game.

C'mon guys! Let's continue with the project! Let's bring it even closer to completion! :D

So, I guess a nice opening topic is what games are you guys working on?

I'm mostly going through the board games and taking like simpler titles off the list real quick right now while I have time to over Christmas. I might run out soon enough though in which case I might default to Spud's Adventure, but that's mostly an Atlus bias at work. :P
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