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User Info: KeyBlade999

5 years ago#21

The following people provided feedback on a first draft of this topic's first iteration:

- Bkstunt_31
- Glacoras
- Mookiethebold
- odino
- RARusk
- RedIsPoetic
- ridalnae_drache
- selmiak
- super_luigi16
- threetimes
- Warhawk

The following also provided feedback in early drafts of the topic's second iteration:

- AbsoluteSteve (from whose original metaFAQ many of these questions and answers came)
- adam3k3
- BackdatedFuture
- Bkstunt_31
- bover_87
- Drache_the_Dork
- Lirishae
- MikePenance
- MasterVG782
- _0blivion_
- SBAllen
- selmiak
- Sour
- SubSane
- TestaALT

User Info: KeyBlade999

5 years ago#22
~ BONUS: Tips from the pros ~

As a sort of afterthought to the original concept of the metaFAQ, I personally felt it would be a nice change of pace in this topic to do something less informative, and moreso something personal and informal, albeit helpful all the same. We've covered quite a few topics in this metaFAQ, but one of the questions I often get asked by new authors is ''Do you have any tips for me?'' So I felt it would be nice to ask some of the other regulars on this board that, if they could give a newbie FAQ author any tip, what it would be. Here are our responses.

adam3k3: ''Keep your sentences to-the-point; a single line clear sentence is better than a 10-line paragraph for the sake of size.''

BackdatedFuture: ''Have fun doing it. If it feels too much like work, it probably won't be worth doing.''

Bkstunt_31: ''Try to cover every collectible and quest. Go over how to get that odd trophy or that weird unique item. Spend a little extra time on the details, and try to add in a little of ''you'' in your guide. Remember, you never know who you're going to help!''

KeyBlade999: ''I think the biggest thing in becoming a great writer is perserverance. No one is going to get it right on their first try, and no guide will likely ever be perfect; we all have memories, both good and bad, of our first FAQ. The important thing is to keep trying and your works will ultimately show a high level of quality. If you enjoy it, that's the important thing. But it takes time and practice to be great at it; I didn't feel satisfied until my 30th FAQ or so, and didn't feel consistent for a while beyond. But if you find a way to enjoy it, you have that push to move forward, to do it more. Passion itself can bring out the best in an author.''

Lirishae: ''If I could say anything to my younger self on the topic of FAQ-writing, it would be this -- It's okay to submit a guide that isn't perfect. If your guide would help even one person, it's worth finishing and posting. Mistakes can always be fixed later.''

MasterVG782: ''Yeah, one of the first things I do with my guides is create a ToC, listing what I want in the guide and starting from there. While some people might jump in head first on a guide, organization will help in the long run. One good rule is to always back up your work. If you're using the site's editor, write your stuff in a Notepad or similar document first before copying it over to the editor. It also helps to use a site like Dropbox or a flash drive to make sure you don't lose the work should something unfortunate happens.''

MikePenance: ''Get your layout and formatting finalised with your first guide. Getting 20,000 words into your first guide and realising you hate your layout and formatting, and want to change them, is one thing. Getting 20,000 words into your tenth guide is quite another.''

SBAllen: ''Pay very careful attention when writing which direction your character should move, especially with east/west. It's easy to mix it up in your head and provide the wrong instructions.''

selmiak: ''Start writing a table of contents to make a list for yourself and your readers. Pause and brainstorm for a moment, add more to the list that you think has to be in the guide. Go back to the brainstorm part and repeat until you are happy. (If in a plain-text guide add some CTRL+F unique chapter indicators to the list.) Then duplicate it, spread out the second incarnation of the contents list with some extra linebreaks already and then finally fill in these gaps in the second list of by now only headlines with the actual guide. :)''

SubSane: ''Avoid big blocks of paragraphs. This is true for many forms of writing. The shorter the paragraph, the easier to scan and find the information a reader needs.''
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