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User Info: BUM

2 weeks ago#1
Fellow PMSians, greetings!

I have been thinking a long time that I wanted to apologize for any and all times where I have offended you my brother (and sister???) PMSians, particularly through my at-times contentious writing. The primary example of this that I can think of is my sadly uncouth stirring-up of the thorny issue about the ethics of contraception in accord with human nature and relationships.

In itself, it's an important point of dialogue, but I confess my negligent discernment between dialogue- which takes place between people whose views differ but who respect and reverence the other person- and provocation. Actually the latter never really leads to a clearer understanding of any issue, but rather hard feelings, as probably most of us have learned over the years through our own sad experiences of human frailty... Yet of course, this is probably not the only rough word I've spoke/written, and so for any other like instances, I wish to make my sincere apologies in these words: I am sorry!

How much hurt is done through a word! Nevertheless, as I also didn't want to make a fuss about this topic, but simply to offer my apology, the title is what it is.

Thanks for many years of companionship. Here's to the flow'ring fields and fertile valleys of lovely PMS. *cheers*
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User Info: HeyDude

1 week ago#2
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