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  3. I lost my original Paper Mario strategy guide

User Info: LinkPrime1

1 week ago#1
Spent the past 2 days searching for it and losing my mind over it.

Reported for talking about Paper Mario
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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
1 week ago#2
I have also inexplicably lost strategy guides over the years and I wonder where they could have gone. Ones like for Donkey Kong Country and Pokemon Snap come to mind.

My mom will insist that I learned how to read by looking at the Super Mario Bros 3 strategy guide and having her read it to me until I sufficiently learned how to read it myself, but I don't think I can ever know how much truth there is to that (other than my parents ordering me a Nintendo Power subscription at some absurdly young age like 5 and me never having any memory of not being able to read it.)

I hope you can find the Paper Mario guide, because I can imagine that it would be a very treasured object.
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User Info: freepizza

1 week ago#3
I've taken to collecting strategy guides along with just general games. Something about having all that cool artwork, if not for the guide itself. Same reason I have so many nintendo power magazines.
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User Info: willis5225

1 week ago#4
I always liked those because they talked about game design in a roundabout way, and oftentimes the design is as interesting as/more interesting than the game itself. (I think 1st Gen Pokemon is the best exemplar here--it's a competent jrpg with a popular anime tie-in that lives on because people have been able to rip the systems apart and make them do weird stuff.)
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  3. I lost my original Paper Mario strategy guide
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