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User Info: Jacehan

1 week ago#31
Oh, I never posted my times. I'm arriving around 7:30 AM on Friday, and leaving around 9 PM Sunday
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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
5 days ago#32
Anticipation is intensifying for sure. Looking more and more forward to this. (Looking so forward to this that I may have found excuses to make all of the other weekends this month long weekends as well.)
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User Info: HeyDude

5 days ago#33
We're still doin' this! I just need to sit down for a while (probably tomorrow) and get together a rough itinerary, and since I haven't, I haven't been postin'.

User Info: LinkPrime1

3 days ago#34
No worries. Flights are booked so I'll be showing up regardless haha
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