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  3. Well, yesterday was a *Day*.
My friend was supposed to interview with my current roommates yesterday evening as to him potentially replacing me on the lease. Right when he came to visit us, he heard gunshots on the nearest street corner and called 911. The police got there promptly. One of my roommates put a police scanner on and we listened to it until eventually the all clear was called (we think the gun was just fired in the air and nobody was injured). My friend's visit became just a hanging out session because at that point no one was feeling like talking roommate specifics.

Two hours later we were still in the living room watching dumb YouTube videos when my roommate noticed there was a fire in the kitchen. Apparently some faulty wiring in the fridge ignited the paper bag full of rags we keep next to it. Fortunately my roommate acted quickly with the fire extinguisher, but there were still embers left after the extinguisher was exhausted. The fire department got there promptly, nobody was hurt, and nothing major was damaged as far as we can tell.

Pretty stressful for everyone involved, though, especially my friend who was involved in two urgent 911 calls in the span of 3 hours.
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User Info: ShadowSpy

1 week ago#2
Oh dear...sounds like it was pretty hectic. Hope your friend is still interested in rooming with you.
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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
1 week ago#3
I mean, if anything, I think that would show how prepared your roommates are to deal with things that happen and make them look really prepared. It might be a plus after all?
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User Info: willis5225

1 week ago#4
Well I've been inspired to do a quick survey of where I keep my rags.
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User Info: LinkPrime1

1 week ago#5
Geez. Glad everything was alright.
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User Info: freepizza

1 week ago#6
Just needed the paramedics for the trifecta.
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User Info: HeyDude

1 week ago#7
That's insanity.

User Info: zztman5

1 week ago#8
Dang, that sounds intense. Glad you made it out the other side in one piece.
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User Info: DontInterruptMe

1 week ago#9
freepizza posted...

Just needed the paramedics for the trifecta.

I had been at the doctor's office for my annual physical that morning. Does that count?
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User Info: freepizza

1 week ago#10
I’ll give it to ya
" should try reading my posts being getting all emo." --FoxMetal
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