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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
5 months ago#1
Just a topic about podcasts, because we have one every once in awhile, I guess?

The Serial podcast started its third season around a month and a half ago and it has a really interesting take this time around- examining the criminal justice system by concentrating its observations and stories on one justice center in Ohio.

It is so far way more compelling than the second season and as good, if not better, than the first season.

The thing that is driving me crazy and I can't wait to see if it's by design or if it ends up amounting to nothing, is that Sarah Koenig teases the end of each episode like it's going to pick up the story thread at the next episode, but so far every episode has been about something different. We're only six episodes in and it hasn't been addressed why, and some people think it's because she's building to some larger conclusion, but I've been let down by less with NPR stuff, so who knows what will happen.

The episodes are definitely worth your time even if some are harder to listen to than others (the early episode about what is clearly corruption in judges makes me especially uncomfortable), but other than that all of the episodes have been worth repeated re-listens from me through the week.

Other than that, I've recently picked up the Super Best Friends Play podcast and it's easy to listen to because it's a bantercast, though sometimes the guys aren't the most articulate and have the hardest time getting their ideas out and it's frustrating. Way more listenable than other bantercasts I've tried listening to.

I started listening to and am now current on Potterless, which stars a guy reading through Harry Potter for the first time having minimal contact with the series/mythos through his life until now, providing a first take on a children's series with nice commentary with him and a guest host. His voice is super obnoxious at first but I got used to it and he is genuinely funny sometimes and he gets wrapped up into the story, which I think is great. Also, surprisingly enough, almost none of his guest hosts are obnoxious, which means the podcast does very little to offend me.

Other than that, I still listen to Cane & Rinse, the deep dive video game podcast (one game dug into deep per week, and then they also release quarterly console specials, of most recently they released one on the PS1), which are almost always great listens even when I haven't played the game in question.

I also enjoy Hello Internet and The Unmade Podcast, and a few others.

I've tried several other shows, but have fallen off on a lot of them because I either lose interest or realize that the show is actually actively obnoxious (Radiolab is guilty of both).
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User Info: ShadowSpy

5 months ago#2
I have way too many podcasts in my backlog, so I'll probably just mention some of the noteworthy ones. But first..I'll see if I can add The Serial to my backlog at some point. It sounds interesting. Potterless as well, since it would be nice to get a fresh perspective.

The Campaign Podcast recently concluded its four-year long Star Wars campaign, and I am sad to see this group of characters go. However, I am looking forward to the next campaign starting up, in which the cast plays sky pirates in a sea full of Lovecraftian horrors! Should be fun

The United States of Anxiety started its third season recently, this one focused about women and how they have shaped politics and their role and image in it. The previous seasons covered the culture wars and ideology of the alt-right, as well as role of race in politics, and has been pretty solid reporting all around.

I don't know if I've ever recommended any audio drama podcasts, but if I haven't, definitely check out Alice Isn't Dead. It is about a truck driver who travels between the vast empty spaces in America, searching for her thought-to-dead wife. Very good acting.
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User Info: willis5225

5 months ago#3
My big endorsement is for Heavyweight from Gimlet. A guy who is playing a ridiculous caricature of himself straight out of the classical Jewish sad-sack tradition (kind of a Dangerfield-Allen-Nathan Fielder mashup) goes around digging up missing details about stories that people never got closure on. If you listened to Mystery Show, it's like that but less wholesome and more ridiculous. (There's no overarching story I'm aware of, so you can start wherever; the first episode is a typical offering, and episode 6 ("James") is the weirdest and a highlight.)

I've been listening to a lot of Crooked Media stuff--they're basically creating a mainstream Democrat media outlet on the model of Fox News, only, y'know, talking about how great healthcare and achieving the American dream are instead of making everyone scared of immigrants. I had to stop listening to The United States of Anxiety because it just made me too sad to contemplate the electorate, so this was a nice alternative because they talk about how the Kavanaugh hearings were objectively insane and swear a lot about it and so on. The main one is Pod Save America where they talk about news and propose strategy (which I've heard local politicians parrot so I think it kind of matters?) and then they have various other shows for women's issues (Hysteria), comedy (Lovett or Leave It), race and also LGBT which are the same podcast for some reason (Pod Save the People), and uncomfortable credulousness exhibited toward the military industrial complex (Pod Save the World), and I'm sure like a dozen others.

I don't [i]love[/i] Reply All, but they had a couple of good ones recently. (The two-parter on crime statistics is compelling and horrifying.)

Oh and Slow Burn! That's the one I couldn't think of. First season is on Watergate, second season is on the Clinton impeachment.
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User Info: Jacehan

5 months ago#4
Oh, I did like Mystery Show, so maybe I'll give Heavyweight a shot.
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