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User Info: willis5225

8 months ago#1
I feel like when I had carpets, I wet-swiffered the kitchen every couple of weeks. Now with hardwood and domestic animals, there's litter and fur and claw fragments and scratching post bits and uggggh whiskers everywhere all the time. The floor is clean for about eleven minutes after I sweep and vacuum.
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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
8 months ago#2
I dry sweep the kitchen about once every couple of weeks in full knowledge it should definitely be more often than that.

Instead of wet-Swiffer which used to be my other technique of choice, I now use this environmentally friendly spray on the floor and then get on my hands and knees with an old towel and give it a wipe down even less often than the above. I don't know if it's any more effective, but it does work miles better than my original technique of "sprinkle water everywhere in the floor and wipe it up with paper towels."

I don't have pets but I do have friends with really long hair and it... accumulates. So you have my sympathy.
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User Info: HeyDude

8 months ago#3
My first house did not have carpet anywhere. 100% hardwood floors and it was a sweeping nightmare. Jessica swept every day.

User Info: ShadowSpy

8 months ago#4
Yeah, I try to do it every two weeks or so, especially when stuff on the floor starts bothering me. But I mostly have a carpet as well, so I only need to sweep the kitchen/bathroom area.
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User Info: zztman5

8 months ago#5
Pretty much every day at my job.
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