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  3. Has anyone had success getting a song out of your head by listening to it?

User Info: DontInterruptMe

8 months ago#1
Because I tried that earlier and just ended up listening to "The Sign" 20 times in succession (and various covers thereof, including at least half a dozen different renditions by The Mountain Goats).

User Info: ShadowSpy

8 months ago#2
It usually works better if I pick a completely different song and listen to that instead. Then only the new song will be stuck in my head!
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User Info: HeyDude

8 months ago#3
I regularly use the method successfully.

User Info: Jacz_the_Mage

8 months ago#4
Yeah, that doesn't work for me. It does help me sing it better when it is stuck in my head, though.
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User Info: willis5225

8 months ago#5
I just try to replace it with Can't Stop me Now. It's like 35% effective, which is pretty good for this particular problem!
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User Info: LinkPrime1

8 months ago#6
HeyDude posted...
I regularly use the method successfully.
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User Info: freepizza

8 months ago#7
The more Tupac I listen to the worse it gets until my brain overloads and I reset and can move on to something else.
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User Info: GMTELigence

8 months ago#8
Depends on the song.
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User Info: DontInterruptMe

8 months ago#9
i ended up replacing it with "Ignition (Remix)" and got that one out of my head after just two plays. So that was kind of a roundabout way of getting it out of my head temporarily.

I mean, "The Sign" is back there now but it's a really enjoyable song.

Like, I kind of wish it had more lyrics so the loop wouldn't be so small but what're you gonna do.

And if you think about it, "demanding without understanding" is a sort of insightful answer to the question "what is love?"

User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
8 months ago#10
My tolerance for repeated exposure to songs that sink their meat hooks into me is extremely high, so this method works for me, but I am often prepared to listen to a song for like, an entire day before it works.
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  3. Has anyone had success getting a song out of your head by listening to it?
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