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User Info: GigaLestat

11 months ago#1
So this is going to be the weirdest thing I've done in awhile but... I used to lurk on these boards back in 200....3? or something?? It was a long time ago, back when I wasn't allowed to interact with humans online, haha. I was never brave enough to speak to anyone when I had chances to, but everyone here seemed like a really fun bunch, and I got a lot of laughs out of the antics that took place here. Again, I'm super sorry if this is weird for me to post! But the good vibes here helped me through some tough spots, and I'm not really sure what compelled me back here tonight, but I hope everyone is doing really well.

User Info: Kodiologist

11 months ago#2
15 years of lurking, huh? Man. I feel like you should get a medal or something. Anyway, welcome to the board. And since DIM hasn't shown up in a while, have a toaster.

Have you ever stopped to think and forgotten to start again?

User Info: GigaLestat

11 months ago#3
Omg... no, definitely not 15 years straight. I definitely took a break for a bit there for a bit. Hopefully I still qualify for the free toaster. I could really go foe some crispy bread.

User Info: HeyDude

11 months ago#4
Holy moly. This is very fascinating! Welcome :)

User Info: PaperSpock

11 months ago#5
...you aren't secretly Monty, are you? :P
Fame is but a slow decay.
-Theodore Tilton

User Info: zztman5

11 months ago#6
Ryan Stiles: Blue Suede Shoes?
Colin Mochrie: ...nice pants? - Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Song Titles

User Info: GMTELigence

11 months ago#7
PaperSpock posted...
...you aren't secretly Monty, are you? :P

This was my first thought. That, or Travis is bringing back razzes.
Let NOTHING stand in your way.

User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
11 months ago#8
Welcome to this small but tight community. I hope your days in the fishbowl are as entertaining as your days observing it.
"Sa taong walang takot, walang mataas na bakod."
"To those without fear, there is no such thing as a tall fence." - Filipino Proverb

User Info: GigaLestat

11 months ago#9
Haha, I'm not secretly anyone, no. I'm a very uncool kid who sits at the back of the class playing with glue.

Thank you for the warm welcomes, all!

User Info: CrystalSamurai

11 months ago#10
what kind of glue
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