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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
5 months ago#1
Because after this long weekend, it's time to check in.

On Thursday I got a call from a friend who I knew was moving. He said he and his housemates needed help because "none of us can reach the smoke detector." I am taller than most of my friends. So I went over, and indeed, they couldn't reach the ceiling to put back the smoke detectors, even when standing on chairs. Thankfully, I was able to reach all of them and put them back.

And then because I'm a glutton for punishment/nice guy, I stayed for what turned into another six hours of loading and unloading boxes from their old place into two different apartments. It was a sweaty mess, but they repaid me in pizza (I found this repayment acceptable.)

On Friday I went to PAX West and mainly wandered around people watching. I got in line for Nintendo's booth and got to try Super Mario Odyssey. It seems really, really solid and can't wait to play the full thing. I also got to try Pokken DX, the new Metroid game, and the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga remake and all of them were great. The new Shovel Knight campaign (for King Knight) was also good.

On Saturday I went hiking to Lake 22, which was by far the hardest of the three hikes I've done the last three weekends. At the top I snapped some pictures, but my favorite one was my "amiibo hike" picture: https://imgur.com/MTqIEt4

I've been going hiking these last few weekends to try to be a bit more active, have an excuse to keep using my different cameras, and also get my mind off of all the ish that's been happening both in my life and the world at large. It has mostly worked.

That evening I went to a Korean BBQ spot with some friends and it was all you can eat and super, super delicious. I ate myself silly full and then ate more. And afterward we went to a different Korean spot for soju and it was also good. Later that evening I introduced my friend to Breath of the Wild and I helped her get through the first part of the game on the Great Plateau.

I'd been awake for nearly 20 hours so the drive home was sort of horrendous. I knocked out without even pulling the covers over myself in bed.

On Sunday I went back to my friend's place and we continued the Breath of the Wild epic. She played for a few hours and we got through some main story bits while exploring the world. It was a solid hangout. We then played some board games with our other friends to finish the evening.

And yesterday I slept in, caught a Raikou in Pokemon Go, went grocery shopping, and mostly stayed at home.

The long weekend was a nice microcosm of the summer. Some friend hangouts, a hike, some video games, board games, and also hanging out.

I have three weeks before the school year starts so that's how much time I have to get my stuff together. I remember being in an AIM chat with either AMan or Pooty freaking out about how I'd be starting 8th grade (lol) and now here I am working at a university trying to get everything ready for the school year. The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess.
"Sa taong walang takot, walang mataas na bakod."
"To those without fear, there is no such thing as a tall fence." - Filipino Proverb

User Info: Kodiologist

5 months ago#2
Hiking is fun. A friend and I have recently gotten into the habit of occasional morning hikes followed by lunch. We mostly use easy trails, which is good because it's hard to talk about mathematics when you're out of breath.

Have you ever stopped to think and forgotten to start again?

User Info: willis5225

5 months ago#3
I love "Lake 22." That reads like, well, like City 17 or any of the other postapocalyptic staples that read like that.

I *also* went to a Korean barbecue joint over the weekend (I hadn't been because, well, I don't eat meat and it's a barbecue joint) but it was cool. While everyone else was eating their deep fried fishheads I ordered vegetable bibimbop and was informed that that's the thing heartbroken teen girls eat too much of on Korean teevee. And I can see that.
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.

User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
5 months ago#4
The legends say Lake Twentytwo was named because the people exploring the area just started numbering the lakes as they encountered them, as you do, because they were either overwhelmed with the number of lakes, or were not creative people.

That last part is a little extrapolation on my part, but it certainly seems plausible.
"Sa taong walang takot, walang mataas na bakod."
"To those without fear, there is no such thing as a tall fence." - Filipino Proverb

User Info: BUM

5 months ago#5
I also found it to smack of post-Apocalyptics. But it sounds like a nice time, anyway!

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