Ice cream trucks

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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
10 months ago#1
I grew up in the suburbs and one of my very distinct summer memories is seeing and hearing the ice cream truck come by with his music jingle blaring on speakers, and if I was lucky, my dad would give me $1.50 or however much it was and I could get a popsicle. I remember how he would sometimes get a Choco Taco and I would be astounded how spendy he was being for himself, because those ran around $2.25.

I don't think I've seen an ice cream truck in a very long time but I also think it's because I don't live in the suburbs anymore. Do you have memories of an ice cream truck from growing up?
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User Info: Kodiologist

10 months ago#2
Yes, I particularly remember an ice-cream truck that stopped outside of Washington Market Park. I liked to get (and still do, on the rare occasions I find soft-serve ice cream) chocolate and vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.

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User Info: Jacehan

10 months ago#3
I live within city limits and see ice cream trucks all over the place. Also, nowadays, frozen yogurt trucks.
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User Info: HeyDude

10 months ago#4
I remember this being a somewhat regular thing when I was little. Now I do see ice cream trucks that come by but it's pretty rare.

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