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User Info: HeyDude

11 months ago#1
There's a dude in our organization, a contractor, and the higher-ups are thinking they'll let his contract expire. But the dude's awesome so I wrote a treatise on why we should keep him. I blanked out what I called the treatise in order to protect his privacy, but his name starts with T and the title is a play on the Summa Theologica.

User Info: BUM

11 months ago#2
Thumbs up.

User Info: willis5225

11 months ago#3
I also shall give a thumbs up.

Did you know that there were multiple summae prior to Aquinas's? Among the most comprehensive beforehand was the Franciscan Summa Halensis.

And just like that, this became a business lunch.
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.

User Info: LinkPrime1

11 months ago#4

Well, there is a new accent of n00b language. It's called: Vet LUEser goes Foreign!-MegaSpy22
Those must be the pants of the gods!-Digitalpython

User Info: BUM

11 months ago#5
From Aeterni Patris of Pope Leo XIII:

"22. The ecumenical councils, also, where blossoms the flower of all earthly wisdom, have always been careful to hold Thomas Aquinas in singular honor. In the Councils of Lyons, Vienna, Florence, and the Vatican one might almost say that Thomas took part and presided over the deliberations and decrees of the Fathers, contending against the errors of the Greeks, of heretics and rationalists, with invincible force and with the happiest results. But the chief and special glory of Thomas, one which he has shared with none of the Catholic Doctors, is that the Fathers of Trent made it part of the order of conclave to lay upon the altar, together with sacred Scripture and the decrees of the supreme Pontiffs, the Summa of Thomas Aquinas, whence to seek counsel, reason, and inspiration.

23. A last triumph was reserved for this incomparable man-namely, to compel the homage, praise, and admiration of even the very enemies of the Catholic name. For it has come to light that there were not lacking among the leaders of heretical sects some who openly declared that, if the teaching of Thomas Aquinas were only taken away, they could easily battle with all Catholic teachers, gain the victory, and abolish the Church.(37) A vain hope, indeed, but no vain testimony."
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