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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
11 months ago#1
I do not read a lot of books. In fact, I think the last time I "read" a book was listening to the audiobook version of the His Dark Materials trilogy last summer, and then the books I read before that were the Maze Runner trilogy two summers ago.

I think the books I most recently read before that were the Hunger Games trilogy around when the Catching Fire film came out, which I know was not at all recent.

I'm putting together a reading list for this summer to try to ensure that I don't just video game and internet all of my days away. So far I've picked up Crazy Rich Asians and also Ready Player One. While I would like to say I'm ambitious enough to start chipping away at A Song of Ice and Fire, I don't think my attention span is anywhere what it would need to be to withstand such a gigantic book series.

I'm looking for two or three more solid recommendations for books to pursue this summer. It'll help inject my life with media other than my weekly podcast cycle, which I will appreciate.
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User Info: Kodiologist

11 months ago#2
Kylo Force posted...
the His Dark Materials trilogy

It bugs me that this series blatantly uses its central fantastical feature, daemons, as a really gross metaphor—namely, daemons stand for genitalia—and yet I've never seen anybody else mention this. In truth, the more I think about those books, the more noxious Philip Pullman's worldview seems. Pullman seems to have looked at the most popular slanders of atheists by Christians and, far from wanting to repudiate them, thought "Yeah, we atheists are totally like that, but that stuff isn't bad, it's good!" His Dark Materials might be better written than The Chronicles of Narnia, but the point the author's trying to make doesn't seem much better.

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User Info: BUM

11 months ago#3
I don't suppose you'd be interested in The Story of a Soul by St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

What's that? Less than $10? I'd buy that.

User Info: Kodiologist

10 months ago#4
Diary of a Wimpy Kid is fun light reading.

Have you ever stopped to think and forgotten to start again?

User Info: Jacehan

10 months ago#5
My recommendation is Syrup by Max Barry.
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User Info: willis5225

10 months ago#6
If you are willing to get all literary about it, I'll give you the same advice I gave some other guy:
A pretty rad lit fic book that's good for historico-political minded folks with a sense of wonder is The Gift of Stones by Jim Crace. It's pretty quick too--something you can bang out in a dedicated weekend.
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.
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