Rest in Peace Gary Sliker

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User Info: Pooty Boy

Pooty Boy
10 months ago#51
Thanks to ZB's post on Facebook at the time of Gary's passing I've silently watched this entire saga unfold. It's a tragic loss of human life and it brought back so many memories of the "glory days" of PMS in the 2000s. I have so many mixed emotions here, from the great conversations with Gary in my youth and the advice from someone not all that much older than me and of course all the way up to what is (theoretically) being uncovered now. I'm trying to expel the negative thoughts and remember him as the damn good person I knew years ago. I'm surprised it's taken me this long to come back to PMS to post, but I'm so glad I did to see so many return over such a loss. Even in death, it appears he's at least temporarily brought many of us back together. That is something to cherish. Thanks to Gary and his kindness we are all here in this moment.

Cheers to you, Gary, and we'll all hopefully see you on the other side.
"A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing." - George Lucas

User Info: LinkPrime1

10 months ago#52
Looks like his Facebook was deleted...
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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
10 months ago#53
That's what happens with people who pass away. It was the same with my friend who passed away a few years ago.
"Sa taong walang takot, walang mataas na bakod."
"To those without fear, there is no such thing as a tall fence." - Filipino Proverb

User Info: GMTELigence

10 months ago#54
Depends on the person. Two of my friends who passed in 2014 still have active accounts. If I were to guess, I'd surmise the decision to deactivate rests with the family of the deceased.
Let NOTHING stand in your way.

User Info: Jacehan

10 months ago#55
Yeah, you can set accounts to be legacy accounts. In fact, supposedly by 2020 there will be more FB accounts of dead people than of living ones.
"To truly live, one must first be born." ~ Evan [aX]
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User Info: Kodiologist

10 months ago#56
That's amusingly dystopian.

Have you ever stopped to think and forgotten to start again?

User Info: BUM

10 months ago#57
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