Rest in Peace Gary Sliker

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User Info: LinkPrime1

1 year ago#31
Hmm. No way to donate online or anything?
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User Info: GMTELigence

1 year ago#32
According to that post, it doesn't look like anything is set up/going to be set up that way...
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User Info: Toaps

1 year ago#33
gary, it's been a long time but your advice always stuck with me. years ago when i was in school and you were in the early years of family building, we had some conversations regarding life, the universe; everything. your positive outlook, diligence, and hard work-ethic inspired me more than you'll ever know.

i'll be honest, at first it was weird to get phone calls from you. 8 years ago the gap between 21 and 29 felt huge. i think i thought you were in your 40s tbh. but now i'm 29. and i get it. you weren't old. you weren't wise. you were just ahead of us by a small margin. you had the answers because you weren't that far removed from our situations to begin with. you were lost and finding your own way through this mess we call life, and for some insane reason you found hope and strength in futile attempts to make the internet a better place.

you wouldn't want us to cry for you. but once, just once, gary, let us mourn for you. let us pretend we impacted your life as much as you impacted ours. it's a tragedy. a f***ing tragedy and i don't know how to respond. like our boys here already mentioned, it'd be weird for us to want to get involved on the real life side of things. but i'll be damned if anyone says what we had here on this forum isn't real.

rest in peace you glorious motherf***er.

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With friends we've known for years and years,
With whom we've laughed and shed some tears,
From crazy antics to heartfelt tales
From epic lulz to epic phails.

From order to chaos, our random thoughts,
Beating down newbs till grammar is taught.
We'll remain here through thick and thin
A PMS life, for the win.

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User Info: HeyDude

1 year ago#34

User Info: ZB3000

1 year ago#35
So I just got on Facebook to find a status posted on his account, presumably by a relative of some sort. It reads:

Thank you for everyone who has supported my family after we lost Gary and continue to give us support us. After his death we found out Gary left with years of unpaid bills he hasn't paid or mortgage for years , his taxes, any other bills u could think of. He claimed to have a second job and had work many long hours however was actually out drinking with friends and other women and doing who knows what. I don't even want say the other things. He only gave me son 40 dollars week and left house in horrible condition to live in while he was out having good time. Please don't hold a celebration of him it's hurtful for us if you like to hold a fund raiser to help we greatly appreciate or something like that. I have no words to describe how hurt I'm that person I trusted so much would be so cruel and heartless .I have mix feeling please stop posting how great he was not a good father as he claimed or good husband .

Not sure if wife found postmortem dirt on him, or if it's a troll. Thoughts?
To say that I'm outlandish and over-the-top doesn't even scrape the bottom.

User Info: GMTELigence

1 year ago#36
After the post that (presumably) H made on his Facebook, it's definitely best that we didn't reach out.

A legacy can be a complicated thing, regardless of who is leaving it. Gary seemed to be many things to many people, and as he, like us, is only human, both positives and negatives were left behind. I'll always celebrate who Gary was to me and to us and leave the other things to other people.
Let NOTHING stand in your way.

User Info: PaperSpock

1 year ago#37
Yep, just saw that. And it appears Harriet/a relative posted a crowdfunding link of sorts to try to help out financially, so if we want to help, we should probably just go for using that.

I'm definitely feeling mixed emotions now. Well said about people being mixtures of good and bad. I'm not sure the good cancels out the bad, but at the same time, I'm not sure the bad cancels out the good either. Maybe they just coexist, and you try to emulate the good and learn from the bad.
Fame is but a slow decay.
-Theodore Tilton

User Info: HeyDude

1 year ago#38

User Info: Toaps

1 year ago#39
dam what a dick!!!

User Info: Kodiologist

1 year ago#40
So does anybody know if the author of that Facebook post was really Harriet? The fundraising page doesn't say anything like that about Gary.

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