Rest in Peace Gary Sliker

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User Info: Kylo Force

Kylo Force
10 months ago#11
I remember him giving me a lot of tips when I was looking at renting a place on my own for the first time. He gave me a lot of advice that was definitely outside the range of experience my parents had.

I'm sort of at a loss to describe the feeling this is giving me. There's a sadness, for sure, but there's also this feeling like... when I met a group of people here that used to just be a bunch of usernames all those years ago, I never imagined the future of having all of these discussions and conversations about everything under the sun with you all. Over time I've gotten used to this group of people separated by hundreds or thousands of miles all progressing through our lives as we go, and hitting all of those "life milestones" in our own way. I guess I just never imagined the death of a friend being one of those things that we would arrive at together.

I wish the best for his wife and his kid; I do wish there was a way to reach out to them, but I'm not sure if that's something that they would necessarily want or need from us at the moment.
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User Info: Jacehan

10 months ago#12
I don't even know how to respond to this. It's had me restless and pacing my apartment since I read it. Which reminds me of the time in grad school one of my classmates died in a collision and we all got the news via email. I spent the rest of that day cooking as a coping mechanism.

What struck me the most reading that article was "Wow, he's only 37? So young." I mean, that's a natural reaction to someone dying young, but also Gary's been "the oldest PMSian" for a long time. But he's not that old! I'm 31, Will will be soon, we're all not that far behind. I regularly hang out with people who are older than that. My oldest brother is older!

My heart goes out to his family.
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User Info: ZB3000

10 months ago#13
Gary and I didn't talk much, but when we did, it was both delightful and insightful. I still remember the story where he punched a Doctor who was giving his wife crap at the hospital. As a person who is married to someone in a wheelchair with medical problems, it's safe to say that I looked up to him as a person. I regret not talking with them more, let alone having the chance to meet him.
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User Info: LinkPrime1

10 months ago#14
Holy s***...

I definitely don't know how to process this...
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User Info: GMTELigence

10 months ago#15
I'm having a really hard time organizing my words and thoughts when it comes to this...

About a decade ago, Gary helped me through some really hard times. As I entered adulthood, I was dealing with a lot of unresolved issues from my teen years, and Gary talked me through them. He told me I reminded him of himself at that age. We confided in each other about a lot of things. I don't know if Gary ever knew this or not, but Harriet once personally messaged me to tell me how responsible Gary felt for making sure I turned out alright. In some ways, she admonished me for adding stress onto his already stressful life, but it meant the world to me to know that he cared enough about me outside of GameFAQs and AIM to talk about me in his real life. Gary was the big brother I never had.

We almost met once several years ago, but the logistics never worked. I still have Gary's number in my phone. While I regret that our conversations diminished as the years wore on, part of who I am today is a direct result of Gary's tough love and refusal to let me wallow in self-loathing and a lack of confidence. I'll miss you, friend.
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User Info: AzumariIIMan

10 months ago#18
I'm so sad. Just devastating. Weirdly, I had checked in on PMS for the first time in a while yesterday, not having heard the news, and was wondering what Gary must be up to these days.


User Info: Cataclysm

10 months ago#19
Gary was one of the few people on GameFAQs that I met. That was a few years ago and we sort of fell out of touch when I stopped being a mod. Hell, I fell out of touch with pretty much everyone then.

He was a great guy.
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User Info: zztman5

10 months ago#20
Oh my god... well, crap. This sucks.

E: I feel like I should probably say more. I haven't really.. stuck around PMS like y'all have, so I haven't really gotten to know or remember many of the names around here, and for that I apologize. Mith was one of the people I didn't get to know very well, unfortunately, but from the way y'all are describing him, he sounds like a really great dude, and I wish I had.

Too late for that now I suppose. :(
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