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    Assuming that the status quo isn't the same brings up absurd questions like "Why are these characters cold in this frozen wasteland?" when the answer is obviously "They have the same tolerances to cold that we do in the real world. Why would you think otherwise?" When someone does fly, though, or they do swim underwater without fear of drowning, or they display extreme tolerance to the elements, we know that the status quo doesn't apply to them.

    And, honestly, in Fantasy stories, how often is the status quo different with the ordinary people? The people who have magical powers and can do super human things usually have explanations behind them explaining why they can do these things. Plot elements like "They're the child of magical beings/the child of a magical being and a human," "They're an alien," or "They're using these shiny magical rocks."

    cory droid: Jenova in itself is not a virus; the biological material Kadaj ingested was not viral material, it was Jenova cells.

    What I'm suggesting is that those are one and the same.

    cory droid: And while we are on the subject of viruses- viruses cannot survive without a host, something to “manifest” in.

    Any biological material ever assimilated into or ever part of the creature would qualify, wouldn't it? There are such things as viral cells. Cells which are infected and act just like the virus that they're infected with, and from which one could not possibly seperate the virus. Take cancer cells as an example: you couldn't seperate the cancer mutation from the cancer-infected cells. It becomes what they are. It can even become an inert part of people's DNA that will activate in their children.

    Anyway, these cells don't have the same limitations as the virus alone. While they do invade, infect, and mutate other organisms (such as surrounding cells), they can replicate themselves through cellular division. In other words, they can reproduce on their own. A virus alone needs some cells to bond with, and once it has found them, so long as there is organic material that it can infect, it will keep growing until it's been destroyed.

    Jenova's status as a viral creature also explains to us partly why the thing can shapeshift as it does: it expands because that's what viral cells do. If you misinterpreted what I said as meaning that Jenova is only a virus (a bunch of genetic material inside a protein sac), then I apologize, as what I meant was that it is a collection of cells laden with its virus. In that respect, however, the creature is merely a viral entity. It's a giant cancer cell.

    Which is an appropriate analogy, I think, given that Ifalna said the planet could never fully heal itself so long as Jenova remained.

    cory droid: You’re just saying...than most humans.)

    When I say this, I mean it the way Squall of SeeD did (which sephiroth5086 mentioned): he is the evolved -- or, more accurately, mutated -- Jenova.

    cory droid: Simply because part of her contaminated and enhanced a body of human cells in the past, doesn’t mean that the product of said contamination is a part of her.

    Again, given what we've seen in FFVII and AC, it's fair to say that this human Jenova's cells infected is all that there is of her. Sephiroth's will is the will that ruled Jenova's cells. He was the only Jenova there was at that point, and he made a habit of using those cells as casually as he would his own body: in fact, he used them as his own body on numerous occasions.

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