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User Info: AssultTank

3 weeks ago#1
Welcome back to GameFAQs Competitions!

This month we have some movie quotes, the problem is that someone ran them through multiple language translations. Your task is to figure out what the quote was originally, and what movie the quote is from. If a quote is from multiple movies, then any of them will work. :P

Again, a disclaimer; This competition is not officially sponsored by GameFAQs or CBS Interactive and all monetary rewards have been provided by the moderation staff.
This month's prize is sponsored by me again. <.<

Do not share information or ask for information from other GameFAQs users that may help you gain an advantage in this competition. Consulting family and friends in real life, who do not plan to partake in these competitions, is fine. If you are caught cheating you will be barred from future competitions and any posts will be moderated with a karma loss.

To Enter
Send a PM to me (AssultTank) with your answers. In your PM, please use the subject line "March Competition Entry"

Make sure to number your guesses, and submit them in the following format;
1) Quote – Character - Movie
2) Quote – Character - Movie
3) Quote – Character - Movie

Scoring & Prizes
You will receive 4 points for correctly translating the quote, 2 points for guessing the correct movie, and 2 points for naming the character that said it.
Prizes are:
1st Place: One $20 Gift Card or 40 karma
2nd place: 30 karma
3rd place: 20 karma
4th place: 10 karma
5th place: 5 karma

In addition, two randomly-selected (non-blank) entries that did not win karma will also receive a 5 karma prize. So even if you have no idea what the correct answer is it may be worth participating, as you have a shot at the random prize!

Tied Entries
If there are multiple submissions that rank the same, they will all get that rank's prize, however this will bump down all lower ranked submissions by 1 rank. For example,
2 entries tie at 45 points for first place, 1 at 44 points, 1 at 41 points, 1 at 40 points, and 1 at 27 points.
In this situation, the 45 point entries would both receive 1st place. the 44 point entry will take 3rd place, the 41 point entry will take 4th place, and the 40 point entry will take 5th place.

The exception to the above is the $20 Prize, if you win this prize, you will not receive the Karma prize.

The Quotes! Sort of...
Note: The number after each quote is the number of translations it went through. The tool I used did 8 at a time so... <.<)

The magician is never too late. Nur, iran? Comes exactly when he means.(32)
To never give up, Jack. To never give up. (24)
Do you know what is the difference between you and I? I do look good. (16)
I like this, I'm interested to be a part of this! (24)
I will do for you what a Limp weak you have to make music in the 90s (24)
In the speed in the general direction of the (16)
What I'm sorry. I think my stapler (8)
Busy to live or die. (16)
The standard for laptops? We didn't get any device for laptops (16)
Therefore, we say that g opportunity.(16)
I believe that the lack of faith, disturbing (8)
If you want to add, and the crowd of drunken Greeks there's nothing better (16)
I'm eating windy leaf. Two watching the sunset, know-how, to get. (32)
"Snake. Why Is the serpent?" (24)
I'm having so dishonest!, that's so dishonest! and a man that you tista'dejjem trust to be so dishonest!.(8)

The deadline for entry will be Saturday, March 16th at 11:59PM Eastern and winners will be announced on the following Wednesday (Work permitting :P) . Monthly Competitions with Karma or Steam/Amazon prizes!
RIP Mith. You were a good friend and will be missed. ;-;

User Info: Earthshaker

3 weeks ago#2
Movies! Interesting.
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User Info: ffmasterjose

3 weeks ago#3
NP: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

User Info: LinkSamus3

3 weeks ago#4
Well, I only know 3 of those, and I only feel like I should know a couple others, so I'm beat.
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User Info: aces4839

3 weeks ago#5
No clue to either of them. I feel like I know a couple of those but I don't watch enough movies to know.
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User Info: -hotdogturtle--

3 weeks ago#6
Hmm, a non video game related competition for a change. I wonder if we'll see different winners from the usual people.

I can see two that look pretty free, but I probably don't even know most of these quotes even when untranslated.
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User Info: Menji

3 weeks ago#7
I got about half on first glance, should be able to get them all with a little more effort. Here goes!
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Congrats to Advokaiser! [ ]

User Info: Uglyface2

2 weeks ago#8
I've never been any good at these games.

User Info: Ex-Kefiroth

2 weeks ago#9
I'm not a huge movie buff, but I'll try my hand at this anyway.
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User Info: Mayonesa

2 weeks ago#10
So I'm pretty sure one of these doesn't have the actual quote from the movie but instead is using a common misquote of it. Assuming this is true, will either answer count for points?
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