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User Info: -Unowninator-

10 months ago#31
TUSMEnterprises posted...
This may not even be possible, but are points awarded for guessing the mod that picked the game if we don't know the exact game in the screenshot?

I would like to know this too. If so, then perhaps I can win by dumb luck (doubt I would, but then I'd have a reason to try).
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User Info: AssultTank

10 months ago#32
If you manage to get the right mod for the square, you will get the 3 points even if you get the game wrong.
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User Info: Toadsworth

10 months ago#33
RingoBell posted...
metaIslug posted...
and I've been here a long time

O rly?

Absolutely based.
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User Info: TUSMBOX

10 months ago#34
AssultTank posted...
The deadline for entry will be Monday, September 17th at 11:59PM Eastern and winners will be announced on the following Sunday.

Snaps, I just realized that Sunday is my birthday. That Switch would be a great present.

User Info: Lord_Wombat

10 months ago#35
Boo_Mario posted...
Darkraiomb posted...
Aww son of a-- I want the prize, but I don't know most of the games. D:

at least it's not as bad as guessing moderators. Most moderators hang out on a few select boards and I hardly recognize the vast majority of those names so how are we supposed to know what their personal gaming preferences are >_<

That's my problem. I know almost all of the games, but nfi who submitted them :/

Also this.
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User Info: aces4839

10 months ago#36
Pass. I can figure some of those games out but there's no knowing who plays what.
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User Info: KainWind

10 months ago#37
If nobody knows, then we are on an even playing field.
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User Info: Menji

10 months ago#38
If you guess the same moderator for each game you're guaranteed to get 3 points!
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User Info: GunMage_Author

10 months ago#39
is talking to said moderators considered cheating?

User Info: RingoBell

10 months ago#40
Asking about the contest is: "Do not share information or ask for information from other GameFAQs users that may help you gain an advantage in this competition." Moderators would be considered "other users" in my opinion.
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