September 2017: 1 Year Celebration! (And some Dragons) $180 in total prizes

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User Info: AssultTank

6 months ago#1
Welcome back to GameFAQs Competitions!

It's my 1 year Anniversary with GameFAQs Competitons! As such I have a bit of a big competition for you guys this month. As you'll notice, there are a lot more cash prizes than usual. In addition the competition is a bit more involved than usual.

But there are two themes with this competition. The first is to celebrate the anniversary. So I've got balloons, cakes, and other such things to celebrate! The second theme is of course for DragonCon! (I celebrate it because I go every year. :P) So I've got some dragons in here too! Like last month I have 50 x 50 pixel snippets, but this time each game only has one square...

Again, a disclaimer; This competition is not officially sponsored by GameFAQs or CBS Interactive and all monetary rewards have been provided by the moderation staff.
This month's prizes are sponsored by @gmo7897 , @ne14a6t9r , @Crazymaori , and myself!

Do not share information or ask for information from other GameFAQs users that may help you gain an advantage in this competition. Consulting family and friends in real life, who do not plan to partake in these competitions, is fine. If you are caught cheating you will be barred from future competitions and any posts will be moderated with a karma loss.

To Enter
Send a PM to me (AssultTank) with your answers. In your PM, please use the subject line "September Competition Entry"

Now the coordinate grid is labeled for you guys. Your job is merely to guess the game each square is from. You don't have to get the system!

Use Letter-Number : Game

Scoring & Prizes
You will receive one point for guessing a correct game. You'll see why...

Prizes are:
1st Place: One $60 Amazon Gift Card or 40 karma
2nd place: One $50 Amazon Gift Card or 30 karma
3rd place: One $40 Amazon Gift Card or 20 karma
4th place: One $30 Amazon Gift Card or 10 karma
5th place: 5 karma

In addition, two randomly-selected (non-blank) entries that did not win karma will also receive a 5 karma prize. So even if you have no idea what the correct answer is it may be worth participating, as you have a shot at the random prize!

Tied Entries
If there are multiple submissions that rank the same, they will all get that rank's prize, however this will bump down all lower ranked submissions by 1 rank. For example,
2 entries tie at 45 points for first place, 1 at 44 points, 1 at 41 points, 1 at 40 points, and 1 at 27 points.
In this situation, the 45 point entries would both receive 1st place. the 44 point entry will take 3rd place, the 41 point entry will take 4th place, and the 40 point entry will take 5th place.

The exception to the above are the Amazon prizes, if you win one of these prizes, you will not receive the Karma prize. Also, in case of a tie for a cash prize, I will use to select the winner, and will bump down people accordingly.

The Grid!

The deadline for entry will be Saturday, September 16th at 11:59PM Eastern and winners will be announced on the following Thursday. Monthly Competitions with Karma or Steam prizes!
RIP Mith. You were a good friend and will be missed. ;-;

User Info: Ex-Kefiroth

6 months ago#2
Now this looks like a good challenge. best of luck everyone.
(message deleted)

User Info: metaIslug

6 months ago#4
D2 and H3 appear to be the same

User Info: Ex-Kefiroth

6 months ago#5
Are these screenshots all taken from Gamefaqs?

User Info: RingoBell

6 months ago#6
metaIslug posted...
D2 and H3 appear to be the same

Was just about to post this.
Ya know, one of these days I'm gonna think of something to put here...

User Info: Cheeze_E_Breath

6 months ago#7
If you're able to get D2 right, then there's no reason to miss H3.

User Info: KainWind

6 months ago#8
How exciting.

User Info: untrustful

6 months ago#9
I know 1/10th of that grid.
My Mario Maker Levels

User Info: OhioState82

6 months ago#10
I know about four of those, which is four more than usual!
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