March 2017: Treasure Hunting!

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User Info: AssultTank

1 year ago#1
Hello everyone, welcome back to GameFAQs Competitions!

This month your task is to tell a short story about a treasure hunt using video game characters.

You can tell this story using any medium you want: you can draw a picture, write a poem or story, perform a song, write a song parody, film an interpretative dance, perform a skit, make a music video, write a comic, or anything else you can think of. Then, the moderation staff will vote on the entries, and the top five will win prizes. 50 karma will be awarded as the grand prize, as well as four 10 karma runner-up prizes.

To enter, create your work, and then upload it to a third-party site; for example, YouTube for videos, Imgtc or Imgur for images, pastebin for text, or MediaFire for other file types. Then, enter with the link.

Important! Please submit your captions using the following format:


I cannot guarantee your entries will be considered if they are not in this format.You can include other text in the post, so long as the above text appears on its own line somewhere in your entry.

The deadline for entry will be in two weeks, on March 15th at 11:59PM Eastern Results will be posted one week later on March 23rd

1. Joint entries are permitted, if a joint entry wins, the karma prize will be split between the entrants. Just make a note in your entry post of all people who are part of the entry.

2. Maximum two entries per user, but only one winning entry per user. If you enter twice and both qualify for prizes, your higher-placed entry will receive the prize karma, and lower-placed entries will be bumped up.

3. All work must be original. That's not to say that you can't use other images, music, etc. as part of your entry so long as your usage of that other content falls under the privileges granted by Fair Use, but the actual end product must be your own.

4. The Terms of Service still apply -- don't post any entries that violate any of the normal terms of service.

5. Mark your spoilers. If your entry somehow spoils some game, note before the link to the entry what game is being spoiled.

6. To change your entry, delete your original post. I won't be compiling a list of entries until the deadline passes, so as long as your post is visible at the deadline, it'll be added.

7. The subject of the contest can be a bit flexible. No one's going to check if the character in question really is your favorite character, and your entry can focus on more than one character if you'd like. Tank Discussion
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User Info: BlacknGold86

1 year ago#2
Tag. Seems like something I can participate in :)
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User Info: KainWind

1 year ago#3
(message deleted)

User Info: KeyBlade999

1 year ago#5
BlacknGold86 posted...
Tag. Seems like something I can participate in :)


@_Cecilia_ Also seems like you'd like this.
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User Info: -hotdogturtle--

1 year ago#6
Hmm, vague topic but I'll see what I can do.
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User Info: MegaBlaZone

1 year ago#7
Ooh, I'll probably give this a try as well.
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User Info: AmegaiShiryuu

1 year ago#8
Sounds like fun. I'll see what I can come up with before the deadline.
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User Info: Aegis_Runestone

1 year ago#9

I'm a writer. Bring it. :p But seriously, it sounds like a lot of fun. I can do this.
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User Info: M0NSTER_

1 year ago#10
This looks like fun.
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