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User Info: SBAllen

8 years ago#1
You've probably heard the old phrase "You can't judge a book by its cover". However in this case, that's exactly what I'll be doing. Well, to be more precise, I'll be judging your entries and picking which one gets a private board.

For this competition, you'll need to create a "cover", something that represents your idea for a private board. Some guidelines:

1) Your cover should resemble the cover of any of the following: Book, CD, DVD, Video Game (any system of your choice). By "resemble" I mean the same general shape and characteristics, not a literal exact measurement.

2) Regardless of the cover type chosen, the title of your board would be the title of your cover. Your username would be the author (in case of book), artist (CD), or company (DVD/game).

3) Your cover can (and should) be larger than the actual size the cover would be, so that it's easier to see and create. Just keep the general dimensions accurate.

4) Your cover can be png (preferred), gif (preferred), bmp (okay), or jpg (please use little to no compression so the image quality isn't damaged).

5) Your cover should be hosted on a publicly visible host such as imageshack. Your link to your cover should be a direct link to the image, not a link with a lot of spam and garbage alongside the image.

6) Your cover should be a reasonable file size (try to keep it under 1-2MB if you can).

That's about it. The competition will run until 5pm pacific time on Tuesday the 21st. Please respond in the following manner:

"My entry in the contest: [url here]"

First place takes home 100 karma and a private board, second place is 50 karma, and third place is 30 karma. Have fun!
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User Info: Volt7x

8 years ago#2
Sign-ups for the next Fastest 500 topic: http://bit.ly/FST500

User Info: pigfish99

8 years ago#3
this will be interesting. :3
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User Info: Contributions

8 years ago#4
Sweet! This will be real fun to keep an eye on.
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User Info: blackweasel30

8 years ago#5
Created by vT_Paroxysm AKA Wivode: http://i46.tinypic.com/2ztaxag.png
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User Info: Alpha218

8 years ago#6
Wow, I'm liking this one. Expect an entry from me.
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User Info: seven ate 9

seven ate 9
8 years ago#7


User Info: isaac180296

8 years ago#8
This sounds cool. No idea what to do though. =(

User Info: FvP

8 years ago#9
I like this one better than the first one.
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User Info: wickedgnar

8 years ago#10
Wow, I'm liking this one. Expect an entry from me.

rofl consider his fingers crossed
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