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    PrettyBoyFloyd posted...
    They made me remove mine a few years ago.

    No...it was entirely optional

    Hello nome from gnome, we're sending this PM to let you know about some recent changes we've made, and how they may affect you.

    Over the last few months, GameFAQs has moved into its own dedicated user database (GameSpot and GameFAQs accounts are now entirely separate), reconicled tens of thousands of previously mismatched valid account names, and pruned millions of dead and unused accounts.

    As you already know, your login username, "nome_from_gnome", doesn't match your message board username, "nome from gnome", and that's just fine. Because your board username is not a valid login name, our system can recognize this and redirect users to the proper profile on the site without any issues - so you can maintain your current message board account name as long as you keep your account active.

    Because your usernames do not match, you are eligible to change your username at any time, giving yourself a single name to be used across the site. You may use the http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/feedback/index.php?type=44">Username Change feedback form, selecting option #3, to rename your account to any currently unused valid account name - including millions of previously used account names which have expired but are not yet eligible for registration.

    Of course, you can also keep your current username as long as you are actively using it. Because your names don't match, we will only keep these names separate as long as your account is actively used. To ensure your board username does not revert to the login name, you will need to log in and visit GameFAQs at least once a month - otherwise, your account may be subject to an automatic rename when it becomes inactive.

    Thank you for being a GameFAQs member, and for sticking with us for so long!

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