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  3. i cant remember the name of a game

User Info: Awaissoomro

1 week ago#1
i played a game on the internet once and now i cant remember its name
ill describe it

-you are hand drawn hero(kind of like a stick man but with a head and round limbs)

-you are in a castle and its filled with guys with robes(mages or wizards)

-you can do many things like take one of their wands(fire and lightning if i remember)

_you can catch them from behind and suck them up(it restores your hp)

-the animation is very fluid and its black and white (and silver i guess)
-in the last minutes of the game you fight dragons

-in the end you find a princess (but a plane crashes on her) and you leave the place in the plane with the pilot

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

1 week ago#2
As the sticky makes clear (https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/2-message-board-help/72680350) this board is for help with the GameFAQs site, not for requesting help with games or social discussions.

Something like this would likely be better devoted to one of the social boards. Nonstop Gaming might be a good one.

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  3. i cant remember the name of a game
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