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User Info: Lynx564

2 months ago#1
I created my account last night and made a post on the wrong board still learning to find my way around. I have gotten messages from other users redirecting me to where it should have been posted. Now someone have reported me for off topic posting and I got a message from the staff. Under "action" it says "notify without deletion". I don´t know where to go from here, I have tried to figure out how to delete the troublepost but can´t find that option anywhere. I read in another two year old help post that you have to be active for three days to be able to delete posts, is that true?

User Info: Eevee-Trainer

2 months ago#2
"Notify without deletion" is more in the vein of "you're wrong, but we're going to let you off lightly," i.e. it's not a severe violation of the rules.

Your account is too new to delete posts - that only happens after a while, 3 days of visiting the boards as you said.*

Personally, I just wouldn't worry about it. Sure, you slipped up, but now you know better - just try not to make the mistake in the future and everything will be fine. (And I guess if you're really worried about it just delete the post in a few days when you get those privileges.)

* - Technically, Provisional accounts like yours CAN delete new posts under certain circumstances. Depending on your email provider, your account is assigned to one of several different Provisional tiers on its creation - your account landed in one of the ones that won't be able to delete posts, however, and you'll have to wait out the three days. After the few days everyone's account is essentially the same and email provider doesn't matter anymore.
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User Info: Lynx564

2 months ago#3
Thank you, Eevee-Trainer

User Info: KookyCouture

2 months ago#4
You don't need to delete the topic, in off topic cases the point of NWD's is to direct you to the correct board, typically a moderator will then just lock the topic. You don't need to do anything else so don't worry.
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