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User Info: SlateSpear

1 week ago#1
I posted a question yesterday and i cannot find it on the site anywhere nor can i find it on my profile and when i look it up to find it its not there the question was "In helgen when alduin saves you (so to speak)?" then i asked my question in the description because i doubt the title will hold everything i had to say but its just gone how do i find this question again?...

User Info: yoshifan1

1 week ago#2
It should show under the answers page for the game as either answered, recent, or unresolved.
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User Info: SlateSpear

6 days ago#3
its not there... i've looked and i cant find it anywhere on the site

User Info: Devin Morgan

Devin Morgan
5 days ago#4
There are no questions (or answers for that matter) in the system from you. Are you sure you actually submitted it?
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User Info: TriforceSD

5 days ago#5
I've had that happen before, but on board postings mostly. Esp when I still had my old computer. Could be a hiccup with the browser or a momentary loss of wifi, etc.
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