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User Info: Stonehearts

11 months ago#1
A is there anyway I can delete my topics ?

User Info: FarplaneDragon

11 months ago#2
If you're the only post in the topic, you can click on the post number and it should give you the option, iirc. If other people have posted in it, then no, you can't delete it. If you feel there's something problematic you could try reaching out to one of the mods via pm, link to the topic and explain why you want it deleted. If it's not a rules violation they have no obligation to do it, but you might luck out and get someone nice enough to do it as a one time thing.
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User Info: yoshifan1

11 months ago#3
You can still close a topic you created if other users have posted in it. That at least ends the conversation if it's getting out of hand.
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