Can I discuss hacking (S)NES Classic?

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User Info: Icewitch

4 months ago#1
Under the new moderation rules that are said to be less strict on emulation/hack discussion, is it allowed to discuss hacking the NES or SNES classic as "high level" discussion?

If so, what kind of discussions are allowed/not allowed? Obviously, discussing the illegal obtaining of ROM files is not allowed. Could I make a statement like "I hacked my SNES classic", or "hacking SNES Classic is really easy", and so on? Could I go into detail on how to do it/where to get files to do it (again, not ROM images or BIOS etc)?

Would a statement like "playing Terranigma on my SNES classic right now" (a game not normally on it) be an allowed statement?

User Info: stahlbaum

4 months ago#2
No, these things will still be moderated.

You can talk about hacking in a general sense, but any implication that you are playing a hacked game, hacking a game, piracy, etc is a no go.

The statement you provided would be something we don't allow on the boards.

User Info: -hotdogturtle--

4 months ago#3
@stahlbaum Can you give an example of a statement that is now allowed which would not have been allowed under the old rules?

Maybe I'm also misguided on the rule change, but under my interpretation of Allen's post, the TC's example statement would have been fine. So I'd also like to know more details on what is newly allowed.
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User Info: stahlbaum

4 months ago#4
Nothing really has changed other than the fact that you may get a NWD instead of the old "karma loss" or "3kl" that we used to issue in regards to certain "illegal activity" related things, so a post or topic may remain without being deleted with the advent of the NWD's. Note that less strict doesn't mean that we will allow discussion on these things when admitting piracy. Less strict is in the confines of punishment tier changes. That's what Allen meant by high level discussion without mentioning specifics. Saying "playing Terranigma on my SNES classic right now" is rather specific and admitting you are playing the game via non legal means. That's a no no.

A post discussing the fact that it's cool how this technology exists and how people are creative in finding ways to bypass securities is okay to talk about. There are no specifics or admissions of piracy here.

User Info: TriforceSD

4 months ago#5
That all makes sense. I kinda figured "legal" things were still not allowed and would be more significant than a simple (and single) off topic discussion.
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  3. Can I discuss hacking (S)NES Classic?

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