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3 years ago#1
I found it at a store for 20$. That sounds like a steal. It comes in case but it looks like it doesn't have a manual, just a cover. I saw online one that looked similar that comes the same way for $50 so it just might be how it is. The disc says Not For Resale. Idk the history of netlink games though and if that is common.
Sounds like a good investment.

Thought? I'd probably buy it to play it...i'm like that.

The game should come in a CD size jewel case with just a paper slip in the front. There is a manual and its the size of a regular Saturn game manual and is black and white. I believe it only came packaged with Netlink modems. I had a Boxed Netlink that came with Virtual On and Sega Rally also in a regular jewel case with a full size Saturn manual that was black and white. I'm not sure if they were ever sold separately. I also have a boxed netlink that's just the netlink and the planetweb browser... so I don't know.

For the most part you won't even notice that you have the Netlink version of the game. The netlink options only pop up if you have the modem inserted into the cart slot. You can get a Netlink for just a few dollars and it actually still works! If...you still have an analog landline telephone. You probably don't. A digital landline through your isp will not work. It does not connect to the internet but rather direct dials the second player so long distance rates do apply! And they can be pretty hefty on an analog line.

Saturn Bomberman and Duke Nukem 3D are also netlink games and come in regular long box cases. These are the only versions of those two games.

Daytona USA CCE Netlink Edition was I believe only ever made available on Segas website. Making it, I believe, the rarest US Saturn game. Off the top of my head I forget all the details about this version of the game and its the only Netlink game I do not own. So I just don't remember if it came in a long box or a regular jewel case.
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