This is a good game

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User Info: sonnyforple

10 years ago#21

User Info: _Vampire_Lestat

10 years ago#22
Classes started back again. Wheeeeee.......

User Info: _Vampire_Lestat

10 years ago#23
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway looks awesome. I'm picking it up next week for 360. It's gonna be a blast.

User Info: _Vampire_Lestat

10 years ago#24
I was warned for about four days. Now I'm not. Yay.

User Info: TKhaos

10 years ago#25
Great game, great memories of playing the arcade version.
For great justice take off every 'MOD'.
"i liek abusing my powar" -TheMissingLink1186

User Info: _Vampire_Lestat

9 years ago#26
So...I got put in purgatory...again...this time for like two and a half weeks. All I had to do was make an alt who cares?

User Info: Taski897

9 years ago#27

i have the actual CD/game for the PC but I can't play it cuz my computer's too new.


User Info: _Vampire_Lestat

9 years ago#28
Left 4 Dead is amazing on co-op.

User Info: _Vampire_Lestat

9 years ago#29
I work at Gamestop now. Easiest job I've ever had.

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