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User Info: beyondff

7 years ago#1
An attempt at the simulation RPG genre

Hagihara: ‘Vandal Hearts’ started out when the director Nakazato said he wanted to do a simulation game. Kitakami (president of KCE Tokyo) said they’d let him try it, but we’d actually started making it on our own (laughs). We got the actual go-ahead after it had already started to take shape, though.

Nakazato: But it was a struggle, because up until this point we’d only made action games and this was the first attempt at developing in the simulation RPG genre. We didn’t have the knowledge about the genre, you see. But I thought that if we made a simulation RPG with the skills we had garnered before, we might be able to come up with something kind of unique.

Takeda: It was our first time making anything other than an action game, let alone a sim. And of course it was our first foray on the Playstation. But even with all these firsts, and with the experience we garnered making action games before, I think we tried so that there was no way we were going to be outdone by the action games around then. Well, being an unfamiliar genre it did take time. And as far as the capacity of a CD goes, if we had the time we might have packed in a lot more elements.

Hagihara: Well, we did have some rather powerful assets on the team.

Takeda: We didn’t have many members, though.

Hagihara: In fact, the core members came to seven people. This project had a small staff, so we made it relatively how we wanted to, and it looked good, so afterwards sales and advertising handled the rest for us… (laughs). It was rather haphazard in a way…

Takeda: That’s why if you don’t start by making the battles or something, the whole project goes up in smoke.

Hagihara: Right, you make the showy parts at the very start… you really have to start from the things that out to get the project pushed through. Though development rarely follows the original plan.

Takeda: It’s completely different from the proposal. Some great systems and what have you kept on changing during development. And day by day (laughs).

Hagihara: Yeah. Like, for example, originally there were 3D maps made even for the towns, remember?


Read the rest here: http://t.co/nOAclMpw

User Info: crazyisgood

7 years ago#2
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User Info: Zadrieck_VH7

7 years ago#3
Nice find!
Video games. Who'd have thought?
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