Just finished this game today.

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User Info: Joey_Jojo_Jr

8 years ago#1
Rented it when it first came out and could never get past the second boss ("Slime Time"). Just couldn't figure out how to damage him. Found a copy a few days ago, finally beat the boss, and aced the game.

Anyway, I didn't realize when it came out, but this game is incredibly similar to Traveller's Tales "A Bugs Life" (which I also own). Although I like the movie of Toy Story 2 more, I gotta say that I enjoyed the A Bug's life game even more than this one. The gameplay in both was incredibly similar, and you'd think since this came out later it would be technically better, but it doesn't have nearly as many unlockable scenes, and the puzzles in this game usually weren't as good as A Bug's Life (which had some of the best puzzles in any game I've seen). Same goes for the bosses, which in this game were all very simplistic. Basically, it took me much less time to complete, and I only felt challenged a few times in the whole game. Not that it was too easy.

Anyway, even though I doubt anyone will see this, this is a sweet game and I figure its board deserves a little activity. Now I'm off to try to find Monsters Inc.
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