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User Info: buchit666

8 years ago#1
The game was and *is * still great. But the greatness of this game couldn't go on forever. As Buzz Lightyear said "To Infinity and Beyond"

Post anything relevant to this game. I'm not hoping for a 500 topic, but to somewhat give this board a tad of life.
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User Info: me12321

8 years ago#2
i never finished this game

User Info: arwing789

8 years ago#3
What a coincidence, I just started playing this game again (on PC). Pretty good! Brings back some good memories. Toy Story always was one of the best movies ever
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User Info: assassin349

8 years ago#4
i played this game when it first came out and got to the part where the green goo thing in the garbage can fights you and i couldn't beat it. then like 7 years later i loaded it up, beat it easily and finished the whole game. =)
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