Sigh here if you still own an original copy of this game

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  3. Sigh here if you still own an original copy of this game

User Info: Hazmat_666

9 years ago#11
PSN: Hazmat_666

User Info: goSpideygo

9 years ago#12
*signs also

User Info: Dragoon ZER0

Dragoon ZER0
9 years ago#13

User Info: jdr17

9 years ago#14
ya *signs*
"The heir of Isildur has come forth."

User Info: TrillestBill

9 years ago#15
*sign*... sent dilivered.

This is probaby my favorite of the Thps games...

The music in it's time was tight, the level design was tight... Both love park, and leap of faith are both extinct in reality, so it's cool there in the game. Skate street is the best park that has been featured in this game, I even liked it over my native skater island!

And the create a character wasn't too much. Skate Haven... Mcsqueeb!!

I loved the features, and this is the last skater friendly game, that doesn't involve silly humor, and cheap cut scenes.

They should go back to the formula. Refine it, and focus on making tricks look sicker.

User Info: haseokyu

9 years ago#16
You must discard everything that is precious to you before you may enter Paradise

User Info: lj_liam

9 years ago#17
Signs and im playing it now :)
PSN: Lj_Liam - Playstation 3
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User Info: Shotgunnova

9 years ago#18
Refine it, and focus on making tricks look sicker.

There was a point where I realized I couldn't suspend my belief for skating, and it was when I saw Bam Margera's moronic THPS3 Coffin Grind (?), where he lies down on his board like a corpse. Any weird/dumb tricks should be left to secret/in-joke characters.
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User Info: Radinaex

9 years ago#19
*erases left-hand smudges*
Who needs these anyway?

User Info: TrillestBill

9 years ago#20
I haven't been here in a while, and this game is awesome to play because of the features in it today are still better than some of the stuff they are refining with the series at the moment...*cough* NAIL THE TRICk *cough*

I like nail the trick, but it's kind of silly when you cannot do underflips, or actual finger flips.

And that coffin grind you mentioned, which I think was added in THPS 3 is complete bs... or giving daewon a guitar while he is grinding? What is THAT!

And I remember the days when a kickflip bluntslide was a special, and that is silly too, but THPS 2 is the perfect balance but it would use wall plants, acid drops, because they keep me from over shooting the bank I want to transition (even though that is cheep.) etc.

IF they bring the game back to these kind of roots they won't have to worry about competing with skate, it would be an alternative... Like Thrasher was to THPS 2 (which I still play, because in it's right it's a great game to kill time with...) THPS 2x is bull, but this game is primo, and they should remake it, but keep the fantasy sim going, where you have to land correctly off of huge gaps, and I think there should be a button to catch flip tricks off of huge gaps, so those that have lines in mind can be mindful, and like things with skill instead of spamming flip tricks.
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  3. Sigh here if you still own an original copy of this game

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