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User Info: Crazy4Metroid

1 year ago#1
Anyone get really uneasy when approaching the spot in Lost Valley where the T-Rex shows up? Anyone feel like they need to get into the cave by the broken bridge as fast as possible? Anyone ever have to stop, pause the game, and let out a sigh of relief once they’ve killed that oversized ancestor of the modern chicken?

Those are all the emotions I usually experience when confronting the T-Rex in a fresh run of Tomb Raider. There is only one other video game enemy that has ever made me experience the level of anxiety that I do when confronting that one dinosaur, the Skedar from Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. Thank fully unlike the Skedar, there is only one T-Rex in Tomb Raider. Those Skedar creeped me out so much that I no longer play Perfect Dark, they are just too much.

I shudder to imagine what Tomb Raider would have been like if there was more than one T-Rex or the enemies in the game re-spawned. If that was the case, Tomb Raider would have been tossed out a long time ago…

Oh, and you all know what I mean by “oversized ancestor of the modern chicken” right?
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User Info: SpiralDrift

1 year ago#2
I've played through this game so many times it's easy for me to just stay in the open area and keep my distance by jumping around a lot. I do remember when I played it the first few times though. Just entering that area was always intense because you knew what was coming.

The bridge jump in that area has also lost much of the danger it once had for me. I always just hit it running now, no backwards hop or lining it up or anything. I pretty much do that with all of the major jumps just to put some danger back into the game. I guess it's like when someone loses interest in life and starts taking silly risks just to feel something... anything. But man is it sweet when I nail it anyway.

I agree about the lack of respawns. I don't know why some games still do that.
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User Info: Shotgunnova

1 year ago#3
Respawning t-rexes...now there's a scary thought.
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