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User Info: Flipsider99

6 years ago#11
pure mind games posted...
It also takes away some of the frustration when miss a jump and have to start 5 to 10 mins back

I think the frustration is worth it if means the game will have tension and excitement. And personally I don't find it that frustrating if I make a mistake (after all it is my fault.) I just try again and try to do better. The controls are precise enough that if you take things slow, you don't make mistakes.

User Info: SpiralDrift

6 years ago#12
I think the controls in this game hit just the right curve of precision and motivation to take risk. In theory you could make every jump easily as long as you follow the instructions from the tutorial. But once you get a good feel for it you start to take more risks and do more jumps on the fly, leading to the occasional failure but also to more of a feeling of accomplishment.

It's all based on modeling trajectory, so it plays off of a big part of the way we process information. And compared to the newer entries the original series played off of many more factors in this regard. I mean in most cases from Legend onward you could just do a standing forward jump to make any jump no problem. If you hit jump a little too late or a little too early it rarely ever made a difference, so that element of precision was lost, along with the sense of accomplishment. Imagine if darts were guided to the bull's eye every time you threw one...
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